Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Antwerp · New York · Bangkok · Hong Kong · Sri Lanka

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Stars and Melee

We are specialized in the manufacturing of Stars and Melee. Each stone has been made in accordance with our strict standards.

Both available in Hearts & Arrows and Ideal Cut!

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Certified Diamonds

Our supply of certified diamonds have either a GIA or HRD certificate. Certificate and picture of the stones can be found in our members area.

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With our technical innovations and continuous schooling of employees, we have managed to develop a manufacturing process specialized in making every stone, big or small, identical to the other: table sizes, crown heights and depth are all equal.

Checking every stone

After the manufacturing process we check every stone thoroughly to guarantee a high and uniform quality in our goods as well as in our assorting.

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Lit by fire

All our stones are lit by a sparkling fire, a level of liveliness that can only be reached with our very own parameters. This is how we bring diamonds to life!

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Finding perfection

Whether you are looking for mm sizes or parcels, we will always do our utmost to assist you in finding the perfect goods for your requirements.

It will make the final product brighter, more vivid, in other words…

A True Work Of Art!

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