Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Antwerp · New York · Bangkok · Hong Kong · Sri Lanka

Vets Alphi: a strong history

With a history that started in the early 1900’s, we are one of the oldest remaining Belgian diamond manufacturing families.

Since 1990 our family business is run by Alain and Philippe Vets with the 4th generation already rising to further expand the company.

Joachim Vets has been our technical manager since 2010 and Valerie Vets has joined the company in 2012 as a qualified diamond grader.


Our head office is located in Antwerp (Belgium), the diamond capital of the world. We have sub-offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong and New York.


Vets Alphi Diamond Manufacturing has 3 diamond factories in the South Asian region where our diamonds are being polished.


These factories are managed by Belgian expats and monitored by our head office to ensure the highest possible quality.

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The larger and more valuable stones are cut & polished in Belgium by experienced manufacturers.