Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Antwerp · New York · Bangkok · Hong Kong · Sri Lanka

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We understand and acknowledge that quality and service are the two most important factors in today’s Diamond Industry. Ever since the company’s foundation, these have been our top priorities.

Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing NV
Hoveniersstraat 19
2018 Antwerp
Fax +32 3 226 17 21

Belgium Office Sales Tel +32 3 233 72 95
New York Office Mr. Scott Klein Tel +1 9179298928
Bangkok Office Mrs. Unruan Noirun Tel +66 818336480
Hong Kong Office Sales

Do not hestitate

We are more then happy to assist you and to answer your needs and queries. Do not hestitate to contact us.

Our head office is located in Antwerp (Belgium), the diamond capital of the world.

We have sub-offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong and New York.

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