Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Vets Alphi Diamonds Manufacturing

Antwerp · New York · Bangkok · Hong Kong · Sri Lanka

With a history that started in the early 1900’s, we are one of the oldest remaining Belgian diamond manufacturing families.

We understand and acknowledge that quality and service are the two most important factors in today’s Diamond Industry.

Ever since the company’s foundation, these have been our top priorities.

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We continuously strive to find technical perfection. High quality equipment, new technologies and the constant education of all our diamond workers have brought us to where we stand today.
As a result of our hard work, we can now proudly present our newest quality standards: the Ideal cut Stars and Melee as well as Hearts and Arrows Stars and Melee.
Vets Alphi Diamond Manufacturing, your preferred Stars and Melee specialist in Hearts & Arrows and Ideal cut.

Technical Perfection

Creating Technical Perfection is within everybody's reach. So ... what's so different about us?

100 Years of Specialization

100 Years of specialization have made our stones simply perfect. Every stone is lit by fire.

Personal Relationship

Creating a sparkling personal relationship is not a technical matter, it's a gift. We would like you to sample this unique quality of Vets Alphi.

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